About CourseFacts

CourseFacts was started by two university students after discussing classes for an upcoming semester. During their discussion, they quickly realized that there were no good resources available for students to find out any information about courses at their school, so they decided that they wanted to solve just that. CourseFacts is, and always will be, a community for the students and by the students.

Research Courses


Looking for courses for electives? Want to know what a required course will be like? No matter what you’re looking to achieve, we have the solution. Start your search by locating the course you want to find out more information about.

You can search through all courses at any given time and you will see a number of suggestions that may be helpful or alternatively, you can search and filter through the results. Also, if none of those options work, we also provide a categorized directory of all courses for each school that you can look through.

Read Reviews


You’ve found a potential course, now what? Once you found the course you were looking for, you can start to read the student reviews about it and see what other students have to say about it.

Our course reviews are broken down into 3 primary categories: Easiness, Interest, and Usefulness. You can see the overall breakdown for the course in these 3 categories as well as how each student reviewed each of the categories. Also, there are a number of tags student can have associated with the course to better describe it.

Course Rating


Want to speak your mind about a course you’ve taken? Here’s your chance. CourseFacts is a student based community, so the opinions from people like you are what makes it so special. Your review of a course may prove to be invaluable to other students looking to make decisions about courses. Oh, and everything is completely anonymous.

You can rate courses based on their easiness, interest, and overall usefulness. You can also select from a list of tags to sum up the course experience and write a detailed description of your experience with the course. At the end, provide an overall recommendation to others in regards to whether or not they should take the course.

Want to speak your mind about a course?

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